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Microbiome Standards

Improve the quality and reproducibility of microbiomics analyses with microbial standards from Zymo Research.

  • #1 Most Cited – Recognized in over 1100 publications.
  • Cross-validated with multiple quantification methods.
  • Different controls to suit a variety of applications.

Companion tools are also available for our standards, including the MIQ Score Portal and Fecal Reference Database.

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Sample Collection

Collection kits and devices using ground-breaking reagent technology to inactivate pathogens and protect nucleic acid content.

  • Remove the need for cold chain in shipping.
  • Inactive potential pathogens for safe handling.
  • Easy-to-use devices available for most common sample types.
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DNA/RNA Extraction

Improve the accuracy of your data with the most robust lysis and purification technologies available.

  • Unbiased lysis of bacteria, archaea, fungi, and viruses.
  • Certified low-bioburden reagents to reduce "kit-ome".
  • Complete removal of downstream PCR inhibitors.


DNA Extraction

Low-bioburden reagents and unbiased lysis technology to ensure complete DNA recovery and accurate microbial profiling.

RNA & DNA/RNA Extraction

Low-bioburden reagents and unbiased lysis technology to ensure complete DNA recovery and accurate metatranscriptomic profiling.

High-Throughput & Automation

Automation-ready extraction to increase throughput, reduce handling requirements, and shorten turnaround times.

Host-DNA depletion

Streamlined host depletion and bacterial DNA isolation from mammalian samples.

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Library Preparation

Optimized NGS library prep workflows that dramtically reduce hands-on time required to produce sequencing-ready libraries.

  • The simplest and fastest NGS library prep workflows available.
  • Pool libraries by equal volume, no tedious normalization required.
  • UDI barcodes provide better demux accuracty and prevent index swapping.
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NGS Analysis

A variety of sequencing services and analysis tools to help you find the answers you seek.

  • Microbiome Analysis Services for Any Application.
  • Free analysis tools to accelerate your metagenomics research.
  • Databases to host and share sequencing data and meta-data.

Tools & Services

Microbiome Sequencing Services

Complete Solutions for all your sequencing needs, using the most accurate microbiome profiling methods.

Analysis Tools
Reference Databases

Public platforms designed to host NGS characterization data generated specifically from the ZymoBIOMICS reference materials.

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