HostZERO Microbial DNA Kit


HostZERO Microbial DNA Kit

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D4310 HostZERO Microbial DNA Kit 50 preps €495,00
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  • Depletes Host and Enriches for Bacteria: Increase the ratio of bacteria to host DNA.
  • Fast: Only 30 minutes of hands-on time for purification of high-quality DNA.
  • Accurate: Unbiased cellular lysis for accurate analysis of the microbial profile.

The HostZERO Microbial DNA Kit is designed to overcome the challenge of contaminating host nucleic acids in microbial samples. This kit uses a novel method to reduce the amount of contaminating host DNA by selectively lysing the eukaryotic cells and degrading this DNA prior to total DNA purification. Paired with Zymo Research's non-biased purification technology, the HostZERO Microbial DNA Kit allows for the exclusive capture of DNA from living microbial cells in a biological sample. This new technology is able to reduce the presence of human DNA in a saliva sample from 65% (untreated sample) to less than 1% (treated sample). Concurrently, the depletion process utilizes the ZymoBIOMICS non-biased DNA isolation technology for accurate data representation. Finally, the HostZERO Microbial DNA Kit recovers the highest amount of bacterial DNA as compared to other methods. By removing the presence of host DNA and reducing bias in purification, the HostZERO Microbial DNA Kit produces the highest-quality data for microbial samples.

DNA Purity High-quality DNA is eluted with ZymoBIOMICS® DNase/RNase Free Water and is suitable for all downstream applications including PCR and Next-Generation Sequencing.
DNA Recovery Greater than 85% of total bacterial DNA is effectively recovered with greater than 90% of eukaryotic host DNA depleted.
Processing Time Bacterial DNA is isolated from a single sample in less than 90 minutes.
Required Equipment Microcentrifuge, vortex, tube rotator, and high-speed cell disruptor (recommended).
Sample Input Up to 200 µl liquid sample.
Sample Type Saliva, swabs, and bodily fluids from eukaryotic hosts with intact (living) bacteria cells.
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