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Our experts can tailor the best automated workflows customized to meet the requirements of your project.
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We can provide you with streamlined automation scripts for all major liquid handlers and magnetic bead movers.
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Explore our solutions risk-free, and our team will send you a product for your evaluation. Additionally, feel free to submit challenging samples for evaluation, and we'll provide valuable suggestions on processing.
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Our automation specialists leverage over 30 years of R&D expertise to develop and deploy scripts, ensuring a successful workflow implementation, either virtually or at your facility.

Automation as Simple as... 1, 2, 3

Collect a Sample
Add your sample to one of our many sample collection devices.
Our products and workflows accommodate a variety of samples, including:
  • Feces
  • Swabs
  • Saliva
  • Urine
  • Whole Blood
  • Plasma
  • Cells and tissues
  • Microbes (virus, bacteria, fungi)
  • Environmental (wastewater)
  • Small organisms (insects, etc.)
Purify the DNA/RNA
Immediately run your samples for NGS-ready DNA and RNA.
DNA and/or RNA can be purified from any sample with any liquid handler or magnetic bead mover, including:
  • Tecan Evo, Fluent
  • Hamilton Microlab Prep, STAR, STARlet, NIMBUS
  • Opentrons OT2, Flex
  • Thermo KingFisher Flex, DUO, Apex
  • Accuris IsoPURE Mini, 96
  • and more...
Construct the Library
Get results.
Purified DNA and RNA is ideal for on deck library prep for NGS applications, including:
  • Metagenomics
  • Transcriptomics
  • Genomics
  • Epigenomics
  • Etc.

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Automate on Any Platform

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Don't see your platform? No problem.
Our chemistries are compatible with all open-deck platforms. If you don't see yours here, please reach out to us!

Reliable Automation Solutions from an Established, Science-Centric Manufacturer

Leveraging advanced R&D and manufacturing capabilities, those at Zymo Research possess a profound understanding of the challenges faced by today's scientists dealing with complex samples often containing inhibitory materials for enzymatic analysis. Our diverse product portfolio spans the entire workflow, covering sample collection/preservation, nucleic acid extraction and purification, library preparation, and subsequent processing. Collaborating closely with our automation and manufacturing teams, Zymo Research scientists ensure the delivery of optimal solutions tailored to your specific application needs, making your downstream analysis both robust and reproducible.
Solutions Developed by Scientists for Scientists
  • Our product development efforts stem from collaborations with key research experts in various fields of study.
  • Unique in that we specialize in the entire workflow: From raw sample collection to analysis (e.g., NGS).
  • Sample collection, nucleic acid extraction, and library preparation steps have been streamlined for ease of use and implementation.
  • Consolidated workflows are designed for scale-up and speed for robust, high-throughput applications.
  • We provide scientist-to-scientist support and workflow optimization.
Trusted and Quality Manufacturer
  • ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 manufacturing facilities.
  • Products manufactured in the USA.
  • In-house formulation, quality assurance, and testing.
  • Supply chain control.
  • Short lead times.
  • Flexibility in pricing and customization.
  • OEM provider of reagents, magnetic binding beads, and plastics.
  • White-Glove Supply & Custom-Tailored Solutions
  • Reliable supply chain from US facilities.
  • Global distribution centers.
  • Bulk dispensing.
  • Custom aliquoting of components and prefilling of plates.
  • Custom plastic manufacturing.
  • Custom labeling and packaging.
  • Confidentiality.
  • Testimonials

    "The team gave me excellent support on a number of automation projects. The customers and I are very satisfied with the service."

    Anne Danielle Tsioukaka


    "Zymo products and customer support services have consistently exceeded my expectations."

    Brad Tucker

    University of Wisconsin-Madison

    "Zymo has the best support in the market, really! Way better than…many other huge companies… Zymo has never let me down."

    Aline Marubayashi

    Aukland District Health Board

    "The whole team is always on hand to help with our queries, no matter how big or small! We appreciate this enormously!"

    Annet Damhuis

    Integrated Sciences

    "My questions are always answered promptly and it is much appreciated. The people providing technical support are always very helpful and friendly. Thank you very much!"

    Jason Vollenweider

    Mayo Clinic

    Ready to Get Started?

    Zymo Research Automation offers support and products for complete, turn-key, high throughput laboratory automation solutions that address a wide range of sample types. These sample types include tissue samples, FFPE, insects, fungus, seeds, plant tissue, saliva, stool, buccal, urine, whole blood, Trizol, Eukaryotic cells, bacterial cells, plant cells, yeast, buffy coat, lymphocytes, waste water, soil, swabs, plasma, serum, milk, and more. Automation-ready extraction kits can target general groups such as DNA, RNA, total nucleic acid (TNA), and both fractional nucleic acid (DNA and RNA separate), with specific targets including cell-free, high-molecular weight DNA, microbial DNA and/or RNA, micro-RNA, and viral nucleic acid. All these kits provide an extract that is ready for use in NGS, PCR, rtPCR, qPCR methods that can be applied to DNA Methylation, Chromatin Analysis, Fungal Sequencing, Microbial Sequencing, RNA Sequencing, and Plasmid Transformation, among others. We offer trusted solutions for various industries ranging from academic research, clinical research, diagnostics laboratories, environmental science, wastewater surveillance, epidemiology, viral detection, pathogen detection, epigenetics, microbiome research and diagnostics, food and beverage, FDA, NASA, and other government agencies.

    Our automation team provides full support and consultations for the development and implementation of your automation workflow on any open-deck automation platform. These platforms include but are not limited to KingFisher Flex, KingFisher Apex, KingFisher Duo, KingFisher Duo Prime, Accuris IsoPure 96, Accuris IsoPure Mini, Hamilton Microlab Prep, Hamilton Microlab NIMBUS, Hamilton Microlab STAR, Hamilton Microlab STAR V, Hamilton Microlab VANTAGE, Tecan Fluent, Tecan Freedom EVO, Tecan DreamPrep NAP, Opentrons OT-2, Opentrons Flex, Eppendorf EpMotion, and Analytika-jena. We have both free scripts and support material available for popular automation platforms. We provide consultation that help tailor a workflow solution to address all your needs from sample collection, through extraction, to downstream application and analysis. Free trial kits are available for validation.

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