PCR Purification Kits

DNA Clean & Concentrator Kits (DCC) Recover Highly-Concentrated Pure DNA from PCR and Enzymatic Reactions

Our easy-to-use DNA Clean & Concentrator Kits are PCR purification kits that provide PCR purification of up to 500 µg of DNA from PCR, endonuclease digestions, DNA modification reactions, isotope/fluorescence labeling reactions, etc.

The highly-rated DCC PCR purification kits facilitate the removal of salts, DNA polymerases, free dNTPs, modifying enzymes, RNA polymerases, ligases, kinases, nucleases, phosphatases, and restriction endonucleases. The resulting purified DNA is suitable for your most sensitive downstream applications, including sequencing, cloning, ligation, microarray, and endonuclease digestion.


Catalog # Product Binding Capacity Elution Volume Format
D4012 DNA Clean & Concentrator MagBead Kit 4 µg ≥ 30 µl Magnetic Bead
D4013 DNA Clean & Concentrator-5 5 µg ≥ 6 µl Spin-Column
D4033 DNA Clean & Concentrator-25 25 µg ≥ 25 µl Spin-Column
D4029 DNA Clean & Concentrator-100 100 µg ≥ 150 µl Spin-Column
D4031 DNA Clean & Concentrator-500 500 µg ≥ 2 ml Spin-Column
D4017 ZR-96 DNA Clean-up Kit 5 µg ≥ 30 µl 96-Well Plate
D4023 ZR-96 DNA Clean & Concentrator-5 5 µg ≥ 10 µl 96-Well Plate

What are PCR Purification Kits Used For?

PCR and other enzymatic reactions serve as intermediate steps in many common molecular biology techniques, such as sequencing, cloning and DNA modification. It is critical that the DNA is high-quality and free of any potential inhibitors for downstream use. Therefore, PCR purification kits are used to remove enzymes, nucleotides, primers, and salts that are present in PCR and other enzymatic reactions before using the DNA downstream.

We believe to have developed the most comprehensive technologies for DNA clean-up and concentration from any preparation. Core to these products is the total removal of salts/alcohol from samples with uniquely designed spin-columns and plates. Specifically, this ensures complete elution with no binding/wash buffer carryover. Coupled with uniquely formulated buffers, our pcr purification kits assure the purification of high-quality DNA without the inclusions of inhibitors.

What to Look For in a PCR Purification Kit?

First, many molecular biology techniques are sensitive to certain salts, proteins and organic compounds. Therefore, it is imperative that PCR purification kits produce DNA that is ultra-pure and free of inhibitors that can interfere downstream.

Second, the volume of DNA that can be used in downstream reactions is limited, thus the DNA recovered from the PCR Purification kit needs to be highly concentrated.

Third, downstream techniques also require a minimum amount of input DNA, so the PCR purification kit should not lose a significant amount of DNA during the purification process.

Fourth, since PCR Purification is often performed regularly on many samples simultaneously, the protocol needs to be fast and easy to perform.

Finally, many different types of DNA reactions often need to be purified in molecular biology workflows, hence you want a PCR purification kit that can clean-up a wide range of sample types.

Do I Need a PCR Purification Kit?

Traditionally, DNA was purified from PCR and other enzymatic reactions using phenol-chloroform extraction and alcohol precipitation. However, this method required the use of hazardous organic reagents that need special care when handling and disposing. In addition, the phase separation and alcohol precipitation steps are long and tedious to perform and prone to errors. Therefore, a significant amount of DNA is typically lost during the extraction process and the resulting DNA often contains inhibitors.

We've pioneered rapid, efficient PCR purification kits with the introduction of our DNA Clean & Concentrator (DCC) product line. These PCR purification kits utilize a uniquely formulated DNA binding chemistry and novel spin-column design. This formulation rapidly purifies ultra-pure DNA from PCR and other enzymatic reactions without the use of hazardous chemicals. Since its inception, the DCC family of PCR purification kits have evolved into one of the most efficient and versatile methods for cleaning and concentrating DNA. Most importantly, from a range of sample sources into minimal elution volumes (i.e., ≥ 6 µl).

Should I Use a PCR Purification Kit or Gel Extraction Kit?

Both PCR purification kits and Gel extraction kits will remove enzymes, nucleotides, primers, and salts that are present in PCR and other enzymatic reactions. However, PCR purification kits will be much faster and easier to perform. This is because it does not require the DNA product to be resolved using gel electrophoresis prior to DNA purification. However, if unwanted DNA products are also produced during the reaction, a Gel extraction kit must be employed to selectively purify the DNA fragment of interest.

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