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DNA/RNA Shield

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  • Preserve and Protect Microbiome Samples
  • Streamlined Purification – No Reagent Removal
  • Collection Devices Ready for any Application

Collect. Preserve. Discover.

Preserve and Protect Microbiome Profiles

An all-in-one Solution.

Preserve samples >30 days at ambient temperature





With Shield

Graph with Shield

Without Shield

Graph Without Shield

A fecal sample stored with and without DNA/RNA Shield was profiled across 1 month using 16S Sequencing. Genus level composition is shown

Protect Microbial DNA and RNA

Protect Microbial Graph
DNA and RNA in stool are effectively stabilized in DNA/RNA Shield at ambient temperature. Graph shows spike-in DNA and RNA controls purified from stool at indicated time points and analyzed by RT-qPCR.

Store and/or transport samples in DNA/RNA Shield for later purification of high-quality DNA and/or RNA.

  DNA/RNA Shield Supplier Q
Stable at 25°C RNA: 30 Days, DNA >2 years 1 week
Stable at -20°C Indefinitely >1 year
Stable at 37°C 3 Days 1 Day

Prevent Freeze-Thaw Cycling Bias

Protect Microbiome Profiles

Protect Microbiome Profiles

DNA/RNA Shield Protects against Freeze-Thaw Cycling Bias
Protect from Freeze Thaw Graph Protect from Freeze Thaw Graph Protect from Freeze Thaw legend
Repeated freeze-thaw cycling is known to affect the microbial composition of samples. DNA/RNA Shield preserves microbial profiles, as demonstrated in the taxa plots. Demonstrated are repeated freeze/thaw of feces samples in the presence (left) or absence (right) of DNA/RNA Shield.

Pathogen Inactivation

Simplify Handling of Microbial Samples

Blocking Pathogen
DNA/RNA Shield inactivates pathogens allowing for ease of handling

Complete Pathogen Inactivation

CDC compliant
DNA/RNA Shield also abides by the Centers for Disease Control's (CDC) guidelines for pathogen inactivation.
Eurovir certified
DNA/RNA Shield lyses and effectively inactivates pathogens in a sample. This includes tough-to-lyse microbes or viruses without the need for additional steps, such as heat-treatment, homogenization, or alcohol sterilization.
DNA/RNA Shield has been rigorously tested to ensure inactivation of the toughest viruses.

No reagent removal

Streamlined Workflows

Sample shield workflow
Plug Samples directly into purification – no reagent removal

Accommodate all Applications

Collection Devices for Any Sample

Product List

  Description Instruction Manual
DNA/RNA Shield Reagent All purpose reagent for sample lysis and stabilization of DNA/RNA. pdf
DNA/RNA Shield (2X concentrate) Reagent concentrate (2X) for use with liquids at 1:1 ratio. pdf
Lysis Tube (Microbe) 2 mL collection tube (prefilled with 1 mL DNA/RNA Shield) and Microbe Bashing Beads for the collection and homogenization of microbial samples. pdf
Collection Tube 2 mL collection tube (prefilled with 1 mL DNA/RNA Shield) for the collection of any sample. pdf
Fecal Collection Tube 15 mL container (prefilled with 9 mL DNA/RNA Shield) for the direct collection of up to 1 gram or 1 mL stool. Collection spoon is included in the container screwcap. pdf
Collection Tube w/ Swab 12 x 80 mm screwcap container filled with 1 mL DNA/RNA Shield and a sterile swab for specimen collection. pdf