dnage epigenetic aging clock

DNAge™ Epigenetic Aging Clock


  • Precisely quantify biological age at molecular levels for both human and mouse
  • Low cost and high-throughput
  • Fast sample processing ability empowered by SWARM™ technology

Potential Applications

  • Quantify changes in biological age following drug treatments
  • Identify disease - associated aging alterations

What is The Epigenetic Aging Clock

Epigenetic modifications refer to heritable changes, which play crucial biological roles independent of genetic changes. DNA methylation, one of the most studied epigenetic modifications, is now recognized as a reliable indicator of biological age and reflects diseases status. Dr. Steve Horvath’s epigenetic aging clock, the gold standard of aging clocks, was built from thousands of samples, and his work has been cited more than 600 times. The DNAge™ Epigenetic Aging Clock service is based on Steve Horvath’s aging clock and utilizes SWARM™ (Simplified Whole-panel Amplification Reaction Method) technology to analyze DNA methylation patterns of >500 loci and provide epigenetic age predictions in a high throughput manner.

How SWARM technology works to predict epigenetic age:

the process of how data is gathered for analysis and report