DNA/RNA Shield: DNA/RNA Reagent & Devices

Sample collection is the first important step for obtaining high-quality DNA and RNA used in sensitive analyses like NGS and RT-PCR.

To preserve nucleic acid in samples, traditional methods include freezing samples immediately after harvesting or adding a stabilizing solution. This ensures the preservation of nucleic acid integrity and allows for convenient sample storage. However, achieving this under ever-changing and uncontrollable conditions can be extremely challenging.

Zymo Research developed DNA/RNA Shield to preserve nucleic acids in samples at ambient temperature, eliminating the necessity for refrigeration or freezing during transport and storage.

The DNA/RNA Shield reagent also possesses the remarkable ability to inactivate pathogens including viruses, bacteria, fungi, and parasites - making samples safe for handling and transport. Extracting DNA and RNA from samples in this reagent is easy and does not require removal prior to processing. This feature allows the reagent to be compatible with most purification kits including automated workflows.

We provide both DNA/RNA Shield as a reagent, in addition to pre-filled collection devices for specific sample types for blood, feces, swabs, microbes, and tissue. Select the right choice for your sample preservation.

Recommendation Chart

Sample Type/Device DNA/RNA Shield Reagent Fecal Collection Tube Swab Collection Tube Blood Collection Tube Saliva Collection Kit Lysis Tubes Urine Conditioning Buffer
Swab Samples
Environmental Samples
(Tissue & Insect)

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