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Plasmid Kits Promotion

Boost Your Productivity

Level Up Your Plasmid Workflow with the Perfect Complement
Choose any of the 3 options below and get 30% OFF the purchase of your bundle.

Option #1

Any ZymoPURE Plasmid Kit + Mix & Go! Competent Cells

(Cat. T3007) - Use Code PURE-T3007

Option #2

Any ZymoPURE Plasmid Kit + Mix & Go! E.coli Transformation Kit

and Buffer Set (Cat.T3001) - Use Code PURE-T3001

Option #3

1x ZymoPURE Plasmid MiniPrep Kit (Cat. D4209) + 1x Zymoclean Gel

DNA Recovery Kit (50 preps) + 1x DNA Clean & Concentrator-5 Kit (50 preps)

Use Code PURE-D4209LE

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Disclaimer: This promotion is valid from May 1 to July 31, 2024, as part of the 30th anniversary celebrations. It is available to domestic customers only. The offer includes full size kits from the ZymoPURE portfolio; it is not applicable to separate kit components. Various discounts cannot be combined. Exclusions may apply. Please inquire.

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NEW LAB STARTUP: Save and get everything you need for your new lab

Zymo Research is committed to helping researchers get started in their new labs by providing a special offer on our quality, innovative, and easy-to-use technologies for DNA/RNA purification and epigenetics research. With the New Lab Startup Program you can save valuable time and resources, letting you get back to your research.

The New Lab Startup Program features:
  • 30% off your first order (one-time only; no minimum purchase)
  • A free Lab Essentials Set (€200 value) if your first order is over €850
  • 10% off orders placed within 1 year of your first order
Take advantage of the New Lab Startup Program if you are a Principal Investigator who:
  • is starting a new lab
  • is moving to a new location
  • has received their first research grant
To apply for the New Lab Startup Program.
Apply Here

The New Lab Startup program is currently available to German customers only. Only one offer per Principal Investigator. Offer excludes temperature sensitive items, not all items are applicable. Please inquire. Redeemable for up to €10.000 in discounts on qualifying products. Contract partners are excluded from this promotion. Various discounts cannot be combined. Exclutions may apply.

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TEACHING LABS: Save 20% for Academic Teaching Labs

Apply for this promo via: link.

(Please provide teachers name and email address, the institution, and shipping address with the room number.)

How to Qualify:

  • A teacher, professor, or a purchaser for the academic lab may apply.
  • The products will be used in a class setting to teach or utilize molecular biology in school curriculum or projects.
  • Please reference application form for further details.

Promotion Details:

  • 20% Discount
  • Free Ground Shipping

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