Quick-DNA/RNA MagBead

R2130 / R2131

Quick-DNA/RNA MagBead

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R2130 Quick-DNA/RNA MagBead 1 x 96 Preps €360,00
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R2131 Quick-DNA/RNA MagBead 4 x 96 Preps €1.151,00
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Isolate DNA and RNA from any sample


  • Versatile: High-throughput, magnetic bead-based isolation of DNA and total RNA (including small/micro RNAs) from any sample including cells, solid tissue, whole blood, biological liquids, FFPE tissue, environmental (plant/seed), swabs (stool, soil, microbial samples), etc.
  • Quick & Easy: Isolate total nucleic acid or DNA and RNA in two separate fractions.
  • NGS-Ready: High-quality DNA & RNA is ready for any downstream application. DNase I included.

The Quick-DNA/RNA MagBead kit provides a high-throughput, magnetic bead-based purification of both high-quality DNA and total RNA (including small/microRNAs) from the same starting sample. The provided DNA/RNA Shield inactivates infectious agents and is ideal for sample storage at ambient temperatures. The extraction method has the option to recover total nucleic acids in one elution or DNA & RNA in separate elutions without the use of phenol. DNA/RNA is eluted into ≥50 µl of DNase/RNase-Free Water and is ready for any downstream application including Next-Gen Sequencing, RT/PCR, hybridization, etc.

For automation scripts and support, email automation@zymoresearch.com

Binding Capacity 15 µg DNA/RNA per 30 µl MagBinding Beads.
Equipment Needed Magnetic stand or separator, heat block, liquid handler or robotic sample processer (user provided).
Purity High-quality DNA/RNA is ready for Next-Gen Sequencing, RT/PCR, hybridization, etc.
Recommended Materials (sold separately) – 96-well Collection Plate (C2002; capacity is up to 1.2 ml/well), 96-Well Block (P1001; capacity is up to 2 ml/well), 96-well Elution Plate (C2003), Cover Foil (C2007), ZR-96 MagStand (P1005), DNase/RNase-Free Tubes (1.5 ml; C2001).
Sample Preservation DNA/RNA Shield lyses cells, inactivates nucleases and infectious agents and is ideal for safe sample storage and transport at ambient temperatures (page 7).
Sample Sources Any cells, solid tissue, whole blood, biological fluids, FFPE tissue, environmental (plant/seed), swabs (stool, soil, microbial samples), samples stored in DNA/RNA Shield, etc.
Size Limits Genomic DNA up to and above 40 kb. Mitochondrial and viral DNA (if present) will also be recovered. Total RNA including small/microRNAs ≥17 nt.
Storage DNA and RNA eluted with DNase/RNase-Free Water (provided) can be stored frozen. The addition of RNase inhibitors is highly recommended for prolonged storage.

“This kit was invaluable. I was able to get at least 1 µg of RNA and several hundred nanograms of DNA from each sample - all of it high quality. Much better than my previous experience with a different dual DNA/RNA isolation kit.”

- Julie P. (CU Anschutz Medical Campus)

“I usually recommend this kit for those who want to extract both DNA and RNA from a single sample. We have even had great quality and yield for single insect samples.”

- Robert B. (Harvard University)

"The kit is very economical for simultaneous extraction of high quality DNA and RNA from very small amount of biological samples. More particularly, RNA is of good quality that suits best for applications like next-generation sequencing (RNA-Seq)."

- Muhammad A. (Northwestern University)

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Cat # Name Size Price
W1001-10 DNase/RNase-Free Water 10 ml €19,00
W1001-30 DNase/RNase-Free Water 30 ml €22,00
D4100-2-12 MagBinding Beads 12 ml €142,50
D4100-2-24 MagBinding Beads 24 ml €254,00
D4100-2-3 MagBinding Beads 3 ml €75,50
D4100-2-6 MagBinding Beads 6 ml €79,00
R1200-25 DNA/RNA Shield (2X Concentrate) 25 ml €68,00
R1200-125 DNA/RNA Shield (2X Concentrate) 125 ml €241,00
R2130-1-120 MagBead DNA/RNA Wash 1 120 ml €193,00
R2130-1-30 MagBead DNA/RNA Wash 1 30 ml €69,00
R2130-2-20 MagBead DNA/RNA Wash 2 20 ml €69,00
R2130-2-80 MagBead DNA/RNA Wash 2 80 ml €171,00
D7010-2-50 DNA/RNA Prep Buffer 50 ml €63,00
D7001-1-50 DNA/RNA Lysis Buffer 50 ml €79,00
D7001-1-200 DNA/RNA Lysis Buffer 200 ml €241,00
D7010-2-200 DNA/RNA Prep Buffer 200 ml €195,00
E1010-1-4 DNA Digestion Buffer 4 mL €15,00