Swab Collection Kits and Swabs

Swab collection kits and individually wrapped sterile swabs for biomedical research or clinical diagnostic uses.

Although especially popular in the field, swabs can be used in a variety of environments and specimen collection applications such as medical, forensics, genetics, microbiology, preanalytical, diagnostics. Sterile and individually wrapped fiber swabs are available in quantities of 50 with 20mm and 80mm break points.

Our swab collection kits provide a general purpose collection method for molecular-based applications. Many sample types can be collected with these swab collection kits including from the mouth, nose, throat, and wherever a swab may be deemed appropriate per application. To use these swab collection kits, just swab any sample and break the tip into the swab collection kits tube prefilled with reagent. Samples are immediately stabilized and ready for transport or storage.

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