E. coli Non-Methylated Genomic DNA


E. coli Non-Methylated Genomic DNA

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D5016 E. coli Non-Methylated Genomic DNA 5 µg/20 µl €115,00
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  • Negative control for epigenetic experiments requiring DNA containing zero background levels of cytosine and adenosine methylation. Substrate for DNA methylation-sensitive restriction enzyme digestions.

E. coli non-methylated genomic DNA is from a Dam- and Dcm- strain (ER2925) of E. coli. It works perfectly as a negative control for DNA methylation analyses requiring DNA with absolutely no methylation.

Concentration 250 ng/µl in TE buffer (10 mM Tris-HCl, 1 mM EDTA, pH 8.0)
Genotype ara-14 leuB6 fhuA31 lacY1 tsx78 glnV44 galK2 galT22 mcrA dcm-6 hisG4 rfbD1 R(zgb210::Tn10)TetS endA1 rpsL136 dam13::Tn9 xylA-5 mtl-1 thi-1 mcrB1 hsdR2
Storage ≤ -20°C
Supplemental Info

During NGS library prep, this standard can be spiked in to or run in parallel with experimental samples to monitor bisulfite conversion efficiency and/or workflow performance.

The reference genome of E. coli strain K-12 substrain MG1655 can be used for alignment and analysis. It can be accessed here.