DNA Degradase

E2016 / E2017

DNA Degradase

E2016 / E2017

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E2016 DNA Degradase 500 U €136,00
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E2017 DNA Degradase 2000 U €435,00
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Complete digestion of DNA into individual nucleotides


  • Quick and simple procedure for completely degrading DNA into its individual nucleotide component for quantitative analysis (e.g., whole-genome methylation analysis by HPLC, TLC, etc.).
  • 1 hour, single-enzyme digest vs. conventional 6 - 16-hour multi-step enzyme digestion protocols


DNA Degradase from Zymo Research is a nuclease mix that quickly and efficiently degrades DNA to its individual nucleotide components. DNA Degradase is ideal for whole-genome DNA methylation analysis by many downstream applications (i.e., HPLC, TLC, etc.). Digestion with the enzyme is performed via a one-step procedure that is faster and simpler than other available methods.

Technical Specifications

Assay Condition DNA Degradase in 1X DNA Degradase Reaction Buffer. Incubate reaction mixtures at 37C for ≥ 1 hour.
Concentration 10 U/µl
Enzyme Inactivation 70C for 20 minutes
Storage Store at -20C for up to 12 months. Avoid repeated freeze/thawing of reagents. Prolonged storage is at ≤ -70C.
Unit Definition One unit (U) is the amount of enzyme required to degrade 1 µg of λ

Product FAQ

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Q5: Can I visualize the treated samples/ do I need to purify after Degradase treatment?