DNA/RNA Methylation

Bisulfite Conversion Kits

All bisulfite conversion kits are available in spin-column, 96-well, and MagBead formats. These innovative bisulfite conversion kits feature streamlined workflows, ≥ 99% conversion rates, automation friendly options, and low elution volumes for concentrated, bisulfite-converted DNA.

All MagBead kits are automation ready! Scripts available, contact automation@zymoresearch.com

EZ DNA Methylation-Lightning
EZ DNA Methylation-Direct EZ DNA Methylation-Gold EZ DNA Methylation
Rapid workflow, most gentle chemistry Use directly with cells and tissues Classic bisulfite conversion Classic bisulfite conversion
Which kit is right for me? Best for new users and Illumina Array users Best for working with cells/tissue as direct input, and validated third party kits* Best for legacy users and users working with validated third-party kits** Best for legacy users and Illumina Array users
Conversion Efficiency > 99.5% > 99.5% > 99% > 99%
Input 100 pg – 2 µg of DNA DNA (≥ 50 pg), cells (≥ 10), blood, tissue, FFPE 500 pg – 2 µg of DNA 500 pg – 2 µg of DNA
Processing Time 1.5 hr 4 hr 3 hr 12-16 hr
Validated For Illumina MethylationEPIC Array (MagBead format) *Accel-NGS Adaptase for Single Cell Methyl-Seq **Agilent SureSelect MethylSeq, IDT xGen™ Methylation-Sequencing Illumina MethylationEPIC Array (All formats)

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