Novel MAGicBead™ Technology

MAGicBead™ cfDNA Isolation Kit

Move away from traditional silica-based DNA binding chemistry with the MAGicBead™ cfDNA Isolation Kit. Eliminate alcohol-based washing and drying steps with an innovative DNA binding/release mechanism that is quick and efficient. Eluted cfDNA is free of enzymatic inhibitors that can interfere with PCR or other sensitive downstream applications, including Next-Gen Sequencing.

  • Highest Yield: Robust cfDNA isolation from up to 10 mL plasma w/ unique MAGicBead™ technology
  • Compatible: Any open automation platforms and a variety of biofluids, including plasma
  • NGS-Ready: High-quality cfDNA ideal for Next-Gen Sequencing and other applications

Streamlined Workflow with Superior Yields

High cfDNA yields, minimize sample (target) drop-outs

Plasma cfDNA was extracted using three different magbead-based kits. Total yield was determined using the Qubit™ 1x dsDNA HS Assay Kit (Thermo Scientific)

Streamlining cfDNA workflows



Simple, scalable, and quick protocol that is easy to adopt on any automation platform or on lab bench.

Efficiently scale your sample from 0.2 to 10mL

Ease of Use Facilitates Broad Compatibility

Sample Types Blood Tube Types (Plasma) Automation Platforms
  • Plasma
  • K2EDTA
  • KingFisher Flex/Apex (Thermo-Fisher)
  • Serum
  • Streck-DNA
  • Fluent® X (Tecan)
  • Saliva
  • K3EDTA
  • Microlab® STAR (Hamilton)
  • Urine
  • Na2EDTA
  • OT-2 (Opentrons)
  • Cerebrospinal fluid
  • Na-Citrate
  • Amniotic fluid
  • Na-F / K-Oxalate
  • Spent cell culture media
  • Graph
    Compatible with wide variety of sample types

    500 μL of cerebrospinal fluid, amniotic fluid, spun-down saliva (12,000 x g for 5 min at RT) or 3 mL of urine

    Visualized using Cell-free DNA ScreenTape Analysis (Agilent Technologies)


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