Moving Science Forward by Giving Back

What if the greatest contributions to science are still to come? What if science’s brightest minds are out there, longing to make the world a better place, but lack the resources to do so?

While some of the most significant scientific discoveries occurred by accident or luck, they are almost always born out of the same thing – opportunity. As science and technology progress, the gap between those who have access to tools, resources and opportunities and those who don’t becomes greater.

This resource gap is a constant reminder of the responsibility that comes with being at the forefront of scientific innovation – an obligation to give back as science moves forward.

It was this kind of thinking that inspired Zymo Research’s ‘Give Back to Science’ Campaign. In partnership with Seeding Labs, Zymo Research pledged to give a percentage of domestic US sales to Seeding Labs to support their admirable mission to equip scientists in developing countries with the tools they need to be successful.

“Our commitment, to aid organizations like Seeding Labs helps to meet our mission to contribute to the greater good of humanity,” said Dr. Marc Van Eden, Vice President of Business Development at Zymo Research.

With the support of charitable customers, Zymo Research was able to reach their goal of donating $10,000 to Seeding Labs through their ‘Give Back to Science’ Campaign that ran from Nov. 19, 2018, to Nov. 30, 2018.

"Unleashing the full potential of scientists worldwide is our best hope for fighting global disease, hunger, and climate change. This requires innovation, teamwork, and a sincere desire to make the world a better place for all," said Steven Munevar, PhD, Director of Corporate Relations for Seeding Labs.

He added, "We are proud to partner with Zymo Research on our shared vision of a world where everyone has equal opportunity to make the scientific discoveries that improve life and our planet."

Zymo Research would like to express its gratitude to customers who participated in the campaign. The impact of one company may be one drop in a pond, but it’s not about the drop, it’s about the ripple and who it reaches. It’s about the discoveries that are made possible when organizations come together to give back to science as it moves forward.

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