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    Quick-DNA/RNA Viral Kit

    D7020 / D7021

    Quick-DNA/RNA Viral Kit

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    D7020 Quick-DNA/RNA Viral Kit 50 Preps €191,50
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    D7021 Quick-DNA/RNA Viral Kit 200 Preps €612,40
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    • Quick recovery of viral DNA/RNA from plasma, serum and other samples.
    • Omits the use of organic denaturants and proteases.
    • High-quality viral DNA/RNA is ready for RT-PCR, sequencing, etc.

    The Quick-DNA/RNA Viral Kit is a fast viral DNA/RNA purification kit for viral DNA and RNA from plasma, serum, cell culture media, cellular suspensions, urine, blood, saliva and any other biological samples stored in DNA/RNA Shield. DNA/RNA Shield ensures nucleic acid stability during sample storage/transport at ambient temperatures (4°C-25°C). The reagent effectively lyses cells and inactivates nucleases and infectious agents (virus). The kit also features a buffer system that facilitates complete viral particle lysis for efficient DNA/RNA isolation. Viral DNA/RNA is bound to the column, washed, and eluted. The isolated high-quality viral DNA/RNA are ready for all downstream applications such as Next-Gen Sequencing, hybridization-based and RT/PCR detection.

    Equipment Microcentrifuge
    Purity High-quality nucleic acids are ready for Next-Gen Sequencing, RT/qPCR, hybridization, etc
    Sample Source Plasma, serum, saliva, urine, blood, cell culture media, cellular suspensions, biopsies, swab, and fecal samples
    Size Range 50 nt to ~200 kb
    Supplemental Info
    Yield 25 µg DNA and 50 µg RNA

    The purpose of beta-mercaptoethanol is to help with deproteination. It is not necessary if you are working with simple samples such as swabs. It is recommended if you are working with protein rich samples such as plasma, serum, blood, saliva, sputum, etc.

    Yes, these samples are compatible.

    Yes, this kit will co-purify some DNA.

    Most downstream application methods for viral detection do not require DNase treatment during purification. If necessary, DNase treatment can be perform post-purification and additional components can be purchased separately (i.e., DNase I, DNA Digestion Buffer, RNA Prep Buffer and RNA Wash Buffer).

    Yes, the change from clear to yellow is a result of oxidation and will not affect the performance of the buffer.

    The Viral RNA Buffer is guaranteed for one year from the date of purchase even with the addition of beta-mercaptoethanol. Just be sure to close the bottle cap tightly to prevent evaporation.

    In most cases, it could be because the samples contain high amounts of protein or cellular debris. To help prevent this in future preps, it’s best to add beta-mercaptoethanol to the Viral RNA buffer, and/or implement a Proteinase K digestion step.

    For optimal results and detection of viral target, collect sample in DNA/RNA Shield and perform Proteinase K treatment. In addition, add beta-mercaptoethanol to the Viral RNA Buffer prior to purification, as well as perform all steps at room temperature and centrifugation speeds at 10,000-16,000 x g to ensure no buffer retention.

    Cat # Name Size Price
    C1102-25 Zymo-Spin IIC-XL Columns 25 Pack €39,60
    C1102-50 Zymo-Spin IIC-XL Columns 50 Pack €76,90
    D7020-1-25 Viral DNA/RNA Buffer 25 ml €66,10
    D7020-1-100 Viral DNA/RNA Buffer 100 ml €182,50
    R1034-2-6 Viral Wash Buffer (concentrate) 6 ml €20,20
    C1001-50 Collection Tubes 50 Pack €16,80
    R1034-2-24 Viral Wash Buffer (concentrate) 24 ml €67,20
    W1001-6 DNase/RNase-Free Water 6 ml €16,80
    W1001-1 DNase/RNase-Free Water 1 ml €11,20
    R1200-125 DNA/RNA Shield (2X Concentrate) 125 ml €245,30