Zymo-Seq RRBS Library Kit

D5460 / D5461

Zymo-Seq RRBS Library Kit

D5460 / D5461

Cat # Name Size Price Quantity
D5460 Zymo-Seq RRBS Library Kit (24 preps) 24 Preps €1.200,00
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D5461 Zymo-Seq RRBS Library Kit (48 preps) 48 Preps €2.250,00
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EZ DNA Methylation RRBS Library Prep Kit


  • Simple workflow: Prepare Reduced Representation Bisulfite Sequencing (RRBS) libraries in as little as 2 hours of hands-on time.
  • Low input: The only RRBS kit that produces NGS libraries from ≥ 10 ng of genomic DNA.
  • Accurate and reproducible: Unbiased methylation calling and reproducible CpG coverage.


Zymo-Seq RRBS Library Kit is an all-in-one RRBS library prep kit that generates NGS libraries with a simplified workflow for the classic method Reduced Representation Bisulfite Sequencing (RRBS). This all-in-one RRBS library prep kit allows for DNA methylation profiling at single-nucleotide resolution in CpG-rich regions of the genome. This Zymo-Seq RRBS Library Kit is the ideal RRBS library prep kit to generate libraries that cover a significant percent (≥70% if using human genomic DNA) of all CpG islands, promotors, and gene bodies while largely reduces the sequencing cost, making it ideal for high-throughput screening and comparison experiments.

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Technical Specifications

Equipment Required Microcentrifuge, thermocycler with a heated lid
Sample Sources Purified genomic DNA. The DNA should be free of enzymatic inhibitors and can be suspended in water, TE, or a low salt buffer. DNA with low 260/280 or 260/230 ratios should be purified prior to processing using the Genomic DNA Clean & Concentrator (Cat. No. D4010). This protocol is not recommended for samples from species with low CpG density.
Sequencing Platform Compatible Libraries are compatible with all Illumina sequencing platforms except HiSeq X Series.

Product FAQ

Q1: Does the Zymo-Seq RRBS Library Kit offer all the necessary reagents to generate the libraries for Reduced Representation Bisulfite Sequencing?

Q2: Is there any restriction on the sample species when using this kit?

Q3: Can I use less than 10 ng of genomic DNA with this kit?

Q4: Can I use DNA extracted from FFPE samples to generate RRBS libraries with this kit?

Q5: What method of quantification is recommended for the input DNA?

Q6: Are the index primer sets used in RRHP 5-hmC Library Prep Kit (D5450, D5451) and Pico Methyl-Seq Library Prep Kit (D5455, D5456) the same as those used in Zymo-Seq RRBS Library Kit (D5460, D5461)?

Q7: How many libraries can I multiplex and sequence in a single lane using this kit?

Q8: What is the expected yield of each library generated using this kit?

Q9: What read length and sequence depth should I seek for when sequencing RRBS libraries?

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