Low-input RRBS DNA Methylation Profiling

From as Little as 10ng of DNA

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Reduced Representation Bisulfite Sequencing (RRBS) Is Informative and Efficient

Needs only ~ 10% of sequencing reads compared to whole-genome bisulfite sequencing

Covers ≥70% of promoters, CpG islands, gene bodies, and ~ 35% of enhancers*

Ideal for high throughput DNA methylation screening at single nucleotide resolution

RRBS Is Applicable Across Diverse Species

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Zymo-Seq RRBS Provides A Simple Solution for NGS Library Preparation

The workflow minimizes hands-on time.

Flow chart showing the process of hands-on time

Zymo-Seq RRBS Detects a Significant Number of CpG Sites

Chart showing the number of CpGs across the genome

Distribution of CpG sites detected (≥ 5X, green dots) in a library constructed with Zymo-Seq RRBS Library Kit across the human chromosomes using 10 ng of human liver genomic DNA

Zymo-Seq RRBS Delivers Reproducible Results Regardless of Input Amount

CpG Sites Overlap

Venn Diagram of CpG Sites Overlap

Methylation Ratio Correlation

Plot Map of Methylation Ration Correlation
Libraries constructed with Zymo-Seq RRBS Library Kit using 10 ng and 100 ng of human liver genomic DNA.
Left: Overlap of CpG sites detected (≥5X). Right: Methylation ratio correlation of CpG sites detected (≥50X)

Simplify Your Research With The Zymo-Seq RRBS Library Kit

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* Enhancers derived from H3K4me2 peaks. Data based on libraries generated using Zymo-Seq RRBS Library Kit with various amount of human liver genomic DNA.

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