EZ-96 DNA Methylation-Lightning Kit

D5032-E / D5033-E / D5032 / D5033

EZ-96 DNA Methylation-Lightning Kit

Cat # Name Size Price Quantity
D5032-E EZ-96 DNA Methylation-Lightning Kit (Shallow-Well) (CE-IVD) 2 x 96 Rxns. €539,80
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D5033-E EZ-96 DNA Methylation-Lightning Kit (Deep-Well) (CE-IVD) 2 x 96 Rxns. €539,80
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D5032 EZ-96 DNA Methylation-Lightning Kit (Shallow-Well) 2 x 96 Rxns. €539,80
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D5033 EZ-96 DNA Methylation-Lightning Kit (Deep-Well) 2 x 96 Rxns. €539,80
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  • Fastest 96-well bisulfite conversion kit for complete, high-throughput (96-well) bisulfite conversion of DNA for methylation analysis.
  • Ready-to-use conversion reagent is added directly to DNA.
  • High-yield, converted DNA is ideal for PCR, Methylation Specific PCR (MSP), arrays, library preps, Next-Generation sequencing, etc.

The EZ-96 DNA Methylation-Lightning Kit is a rapid, high-throughput (96-well) bisulfite conversion kit for DNA methylation analysis. The streamlined workflow features ready-to-use Lightning Conversion Reagent and a combined DNA denaturation and bisulfite conversion process. Desulphonation and clean-up of the converted DNA is performed using a unique 96-well spin-plate. With the Deep-Well Kit (Cat. D5033), samples can be eluted in as little as 15 µl. High yield, converted DNA is ideal for PCR, array, and Next-Generation sequencing, etc.

Applications Purified, converted DNA is of high-quality and well-suited for downstream processes, including library preparation for Next-Generation sequencing, PCR amplification, etc.
Conversion > 99.5%
Elution Volume Deep-well: ≥ 15 µl
Shallow-well: ≥ 30 µl
Equipment Thermocycler with heated lid, swinging-bucket centrifuge with plate carriers.
Input 100 pg - 2 µg of DNA.
Processing Time 1.5 hours
Recovery > 80%
Sample Source Purified genomic DNA, endonuclease-digested DNA, linearized plasmid DNA, etc. DNA should be high-quality and RNA-free.
Supplemental Info

ZymoTaq DNA Polymerase has been specifically designed for use in bisulfite amplification reactions. ZymoTaq is available as a stand-alone polymerase (E2001/E2002), PreMix (E2003/E2004), and qPCR PreMix (E2054/E2055).

Bisulfite conversion will work regardless of context, so the kits are compatible with genomic DNA derived from plants and other species with high non-CpG methylation levels.

Leaving the desulphonation buffer on the column longer than recommended will cause more degradation and subsequently result in lower yields.

> 50 bp.

Following bisulfite treatment of genomic DNA, nonmethylated cytosine residues are converted into uracil. The recovered DNA is typically A, U, and T-rich. The original base-pairing no longer exists. Instead, it is single-stranded with limited non-specific base-pairing at room temperature. The absorption coefficient at 260 nm resembles that of RNA. Use a value of 40 μg/ml for Ab260 = 1.0 when determining the concentration of the recovered bisulfite-treated DNA. To visualize, run converted DNA on agarose gel then chill the gel on ice for 30 minutes. The expected smear will be between 100-1500bp.

Poor conversion efficiency and low yields can be due to a variety of different experiment-specific conditions. Please contact Technical Support to discuss your specific experimental conditions and further troubleshoot with a product specialist.

Converted DNA should be eluted in M-Elution Buffer to keep the converted DNA stable for long term storage. If stored properly for long term (<-20C), the samples should last longer than a month. Minimize freeze/thawing to keep the bisulfite converted DNA stable.

Cat # Name Size Price
D5032-1 Lightning Conversion Reagent 15 ml €166,10
D5031-5 L-Desulphonation Buffer 40 ml €51,30
D5006-3 M-Binding Buffer 125 ml €70,90
D5007-6 M-Elution Buffer 8 ml €12,30
D5007-4 M-Wash Buffer 36 ml €45,20
C2001 Silicon-A Plate 2 Plates €144,50
C2004 Zymo-Spin I-96 Plate 2 Plates €159,00
C2005 Conversion Plate w/ Cover Foil 2 Plates/Foils €10,20
C2002 Collection Plate 2 Plates €24,70
C2003 Elution Plate 2 Plates €21,30