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    Zymo-Spin IIC-XL Columns

    C1102-25 / C1102-50

    Zymo-Spin IIC-XL Columns

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    C1102-25 Zymo-Spin IIC-XL Columns 25 Pack €39,60
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    C1102-50 Zymo-Spin IIC-XL Columns 50 Pack €76,90
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    The Zymo-Spin IIC-XL column can be used either in microcentrifuges or on vacuum manifolds for the purification of high molecular weight DNA and/or RNA. The Zymo-Spin IIC-XL features durable polypropylene construction and contains a unique silica-based matrix that allows purification of up to 25 µg of DNA, and 50 µg of RNA, in ≥ 35 µl eluate. Capacity is 900 µl.

    Binding Capacity 25 µg/50 µg
    Compatibility Microcentrifuge, vacuum manifolds
    Elution Volume ≥ 35 µl
    Format DNA/RNA binding
    Matrix/Construction Silica-based / polypropylene
    Volumetric Capacity 900 µl