Zymo-Seq UDI Primer Sets

D3008 / D3096

Zymo-Seq UDI Primer Sets

Cat # Name Size Price Quantity
D3008 Zymo-Seq UDI Primer Set (Indexes 1-12) 12 indexes €222,50
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D3096 Zymo-Seq UDI Primer Plate (Indexes 1-96) 96 Indexes €564,00
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Zymo-Seq UDI Primer Sets


The Zymo-Seq UDI Primer Sets contain pre-mixed Unique Dual Index (UDI) primers that can be used to barcode any library containing TruSeq® adapters. Indexes in the Zymo-Seq UDI Primer Set (Indexes 1-12) are dispensed in 1.5 mL tubes (Cat. No. D3008), and the Zymo-Seq UDI Primer Plate (Indexes 1-96) are dispensed in single-use foil-sealed 96-well plates (Ca. No. D3096). Indexed libraries are compatible with any Illumina® sequencer. These indexes are compatible with the Zymo-Seq RiboFree Total RNA Library Kit.

Q1: Are these individual primers or pre-mixed primer sets?

Each tube contains a pre-mixed forward and reverse primer set that contain a unique i5 and i7 index, respectively. The concentration of each UDI primer pre-mix is 5 µM total (2.5 µM each primer).

Q2: What are the sequences of the indexes?

Please view the “Zymo-Seq UDI Primer Set 1-96” spreadsheet for index sequences and adapter trimming parameters.

Q3: Will this work with Nextera adapters?

No, these index primers only work with TruSeq compatible libraries.