Water Concentrating Buffer

R2042-1-8 / R2042-1-140

Water Concentrating Buffer

Cat # Name Size Price Quantity
R2042-1-8 Water Concentrating Buffer 8 mL €7,00
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R2042-1-140 Water Concentrating Buffer 140 mL €133,50
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Water Conditioning Buffer 8ml


  • Concentrates microbes, fungi and viral particles from water.
  • Promotes stability of nucleic acids in water.
  • All in one sample collection and concentration step.

Water Concentrating Buffer allows for the effective concentration of DNA and RNA from microbes, fungi, and viral particles. Especially helpful to concentrate larger volumes up to 5 mL of water by adding Water Concentrating Buffer.

Q1: How much WCB should I add?

70 µl of WCB per ml

Q2: At what temperature should I store it at?

Room temperature 20°C