Quick-DNA 96 Kit

D3012 / D3011 / D3010

Quick-DNA 96 Kit

Cat # Name Size Price Quantity
D3012 Quick-DNA 96 Kit 10 x 96 Preps €860,00
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D3011 Quick-DNA 96 Kit 4 x 96 Preps €402,00
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D3010 Quick-DNA 96 Kit 2 x 96 Preps €214,00
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Rapid purification of DNA from cells and whole blood


  • Easy purification of high-quality DNA from whole blood, buffy coat, swabs, or cultured cells.
  • Protocol excludes the use of Proteinase K and organic denaturants for biofluid and cell samples.
  • Eluted, inhibitor-free DNA is ideal for PCR, endonuclease digestion, bisulfite conversion/methylation detection, sequencing, genotyping, etc.

The Quick-DNA Kits are ideal DNA isolation kits for easy, rapid isolation of total DNA (e.g., genomic, mitochondrial, viral) from a variety of biological sample sources. Whole blood (fresh or stored), buffy coat, buccal cells, cells from culture, saliva, and other biological liquid samples can be processed with these kits. Zymo-Spin Column/Plate technology enables high-quality DNA purification in minutes. PCR inhibitors are effectively removed, and the eluted DNA is ideal for PCR, nucleotide blotting, DNA sequencing, restriction endonuclease digestion, bisulfite conversion/methylation analysis, and other downstream applications.

Elution Volume ≥ 25 µl
Equipment Microcentrifuge, vortex, centrifuge w/ microplate carriers
Purity High-quality DNA is eluted with DNA Elution Buffer or water. DNA is especially well suited for PCR and other downstream applications. A260/A280>1.8
Sample Source Whole blood, plasma, serum cultured cells, buccal cells, tissue already digested with Proteinase K or mechanically homogenized from human, mouse, rat, etc. are effectively processed using this kit.
Size Range Capable of recovering genomic DNA up to and above 40 kb. In most instances, mitochondrial DNA and viral DNA (if present) will also be recovered
Workflow Unique lysis buffer system omits the need for Proteinase K digestion for biological fluids and cell culture samples.
Yield Up to 5 µg/well total DNA is eluted into ≥30 µl DNA Elution Buffer or water. Human whole blood yields 3-7 µg DNA per 100 µl blood sampled. Mammalian tissues already homogenized will yield 1-3 µg DNA per mg.

Q1: What is the difference between Quick-DNA and Quick-DNA Plus kits?

The Quick-DNA is optimized for cells, soft tissues, and homogenized/digested samples using a single lysis/binding buffer. The Quick-DNA Plus kits contain an optimized Proteinase K for processing a wider variety of sample inputs, such as cells, blood, tissues, etc. The upgraded Quick-DNA Plus typically recovers more DNA.

Q2: I’m seeing some yield inconsistencies with my blood samples, what’s happening?

White blood cells, which are the major source of genomic DNA in blood, easily and quickly settles. Mix the blood sample well prior to taking an aliquot for purification.

Q3: Can the Quick-DNA kit be used with bacterial samples?

E. coli cells are easy-to-lyse and can be processed directly. For other microbes, additional pretreatment (e.g. enzymatic digestion or mechanical lysis) can be implemented and then processed with the Quick-DNA Kit. Alternatively, for an all-inclusive kit to process all microbes, use any of Zymo Research’s Environmental Kits (e.g. Quick-DNA Fungal/Bacterial, Quick-DNA Fecal/Soil, ZymoBIOMICS DNA, etc.) for DNA isolation.

Q4: Can I use the Quick-DNA kit to clean-up previously isolated DNA?

No, the kit is designed for direct use with biological samples. For clean-up of isolated DNA, please use the Genomic DNA Clean & Concentrator or the DNA Clean & Concentrator kits.

Q5: Can Quick-DNA process crude lysates?

Yes, add 4 volumes of Genomic Lysis Buffer to 1 volume of crude lysate, homogenized, or digested sample (see Cell Suspensions and Proteinase K Digested Samples) and proceed with the remainder of the protocol.

Q6: What is the purpose of adding beta-mercaptoethanol? Can this step be substituted or omitted?

Beta-mercaptoethanol is a reducing agent that helps break down proteins and improves DNA recovery and purity. Addition of beta-mercaptoethanol is recommended to enhance sample lysis, but can be substituted with dithiothreitol (DTT, final concentration of 10 mM) or omitted.

Q7: Is it possible to add an RNase A treatment to the protocol?

The Quick-DNA kits recover RNA-free genomic DNA. The selective chemistry allows for binding of double stranded DNA to the column and for RNA to flow through. No RNase A treatment is required when processing samples within kit specifications.

Q8: What are the expected yields for each sample type?

Keep in mind that there is sample to sample variability.

Sample Type Input Amount Expected Yield
Eukaryotic Cells 1x106 Cells 5-6 µg
Skeletal, Heart, Lung, Brain Tissue 1 mg 1-3 µg
Liver and Kidney Tissue 1 mg 3-5 µg
Human Whole Blood 100 µl 5-7 µg

Cat # Name Size Price
D3004-4-50 DNA Elution Buffer 50 ml €35,00
D3004-5-50 DNA Pre-Wash Buffer 50 ml €26,00
D3004-1-100 Genomic Lysis Buffer 100 ml €60,00
D3004-2-100 g-DNA Wash Buffer 100 ml €31,00
D3004-4-10 DNA Elution Buffer 10 ml €15,00
C2003 Elution Plate 2 Plates €21,00
C2002 Collection Plate 2 Plates €23,00
C2001 Silicon-A Plate 2 Plates €135,00