EZ RNA Methylation Kit

R5001 / R5002

EZ RNA Methylation Kit

R5001 / R5002

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R5001 EZ RNA Methylation Kit 50 Prep €196,00
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R5002 EZ RNA Methylation Kit 200 Prep €625,00
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Fast and reliable bisulfite conversion of RNA for methylation analysis.


  • Specifically optimized for complete conversion of non-methylated cytosines in RNA.
  • Ideal for all RNA inputs.
  • Complete conversion of RNA in as little as 1 hour.


The EZ RNA Methylation Kit features rapid and reliable bisulfite conversion of cytosines in RNA for methylation analysis. The kit streamlines the three-step process for complete conversion of cytosine in into uracil. RNA denaturation and bisulfite conversion processes are combined into a single step. No buffer preparation is necessary. The RNA Conversion Reagent is provided ready-to-use: simply add the reagent to an RNA sample and incubate as indicated. The innovative in-column desulphonation technology eliminates messy precipitation steps, ensuring researchers obtain consistent results. The product has been designed to minimize template degradation, loss of RNA during treatment and clean-up, and to provide complete conversion of cytosine for accurate methylation analysis. Recovered RNA is ideal for RT-PCR, sequencing, library preparation and Next-Gen sequencing.

Technical Specifications

Conversion > 99%
Elution Volume ≥ 10 µl
Equipment Thermocycler with heated lid and microcentrifuge.
Input 0.5 - 1 µg of RNA.
Processing Time 50 Minutes
Purity Purified, converted RNA is of high quality and is well suited for PCR amplification for downstream analyses including endonuclease digestion, sequencing, microarrays, etc.
Recovery > 80%


Researchers from Europe showed that reduced levels of conserved RNA methyltransferase NSUN5 increase the lifespan and stress resistance in yeast, worms, and flies. They used the EZ RNA Methylation Kit to show that the methylation at C2278 of 25S ribosomal RNA in yeast, worms, and flies is highly conserved, suggesting that it is important for core ribosomal function. They also observed better reproducibility and higher conversion rate using Zymo Research’s EZ RNA Methylation Kit.

Schosserer, M. et. al. (2015) Methylation of ribosomal RNA by NSUN5 is a conserved mechanism modulating organismal lifespan. Nat Commun. 6, 6158.

Researchers used the EZ RNA Methylation Kit from Zymo Research to investigate the methylation status of several important non-coding RNAs, including XIST and HOTAIR. They found that both XIST and HOTAIR contained the 5-methylcytosine modification, suggesting that RNA methylation may play an important role in regulating the activity of these RNA molecules.

Amort T, Soulière MF, Wille A, Jia XY, Fiegl H, Wörle H, Micura R, & Lusser A (2013). Long non-coding RNAs as targets for cytosine methylation. RNA biology, 10 (6)

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