ZymoPURE Plasmid Kits

ZymoPURE II Plasmid kits are the fastest and simplest plasmid kits available to efficiently isolate transfection-grade plasmid DNA from E. coli (up to 400 µg in 18 minutes). From these plasmid kits, the eluted plasmid DNA is ready for immediate use, without any alcohol precipitation. These plasmid kits feature ZymoPURE II technology, including a modified alkaline lysis system and novel binding chemistry. Together, these plasmid kits yield highly concentrated plasmid DNA (up to 3 µg/µl) directly from a spin column.

Instead of time-consuming gravity flow columns, these plasmid kits utilize vacuum filtration and binding for rapid sample processing. As an added convenience, these plasmid kits contain colored buffers that permit error-free visualization and identification of complete bacterial cell lysis and neutralization. The wash regimen of these plasmid kits has been optimized to ensure the eluted DNA is free of endotoxins, salt, protein, and RNA resulting in plasmids that are suitable for sensitive applications including transfection, plasmid-mediated gene silencing, cloning, and sequencing. Finally, the specially designed spin-columns in these plasmid kits allow for elutions on a microcentrifuge. 

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Comparison Table

Catalog #ProductBinding CapacityElution VolumeCulture InputEndotoxin LevelsFormat
D4208TZymoPURE Plasmid Miniprep100 µg≥ 25 µl≤ 5 mL Culture≤ 1 EU/µgSpin Column
D4202ZymoPURE II Plasmid Maxiprep1.2 mg≥ 200 µl≤ 150 ml≤ 0.025 EU/µg DNASpin Column
D4200ZymoPURE II Plasmid Midiprep400 µg≥ 100 µl≤ 50 ml≤ 0.025 EU/µg DNASpin Column
D4204ZymoPURE II Plasmid Gigaprep10 mg≥ 2 ml≤ 2.5 L≤ 0.025 EU/µg DNASpin Column
D4213ZymoPURE-Express Plasmid Midiprep1.2 mg≥ 200 µl25 mL≤ 1 EU/µg Plasmid DNASpin Column