New Duplex-Specific Nuclease (DSN): Most Selective dsDNase

dsDNA (double stranded DNA) being degraded or digested.

Zymo Research Unveils PureRec DSN: The Most Selective Duplex-Specific Nuclease


IRVINE, Calif., (June 4, 2024) — Zymo Research, a leader in biotechnological advancement has launched a new nuclease called PureRec Duplex-Specific Nuclease (DSN) that selectively digests double stranded DNA (dsDNA). This new PureRec DSN promises unparalleled specificity in targeting duplex DNA, unlocking a variety of potential applications.

DSN selectively digests dsDNA and DNA in DNA-RNA hybrids, while sparing single-stranded DNA (ssDNA) and RNA. Because of its selectivity, it has proven to be useful in a broad range of research fields and bioscience industries. For example, it can effectively reduce abundant rRNA transcripts, enhancing NGS libraries. Additionally, it has been utilized in the development of high-sensitivity microRNA (miRNA) biosensors.

Traditionally, DSN is sourced from king crab, which is challenging to purify. This poses inherent contamination risks and batch-to-batch consistency issues. The compromised purity may result in non-specific activity towards ssDNA and RNA, thereby jeopardizing downstream applications. Recognizing these challenges, Zymo Research engineered PureRec DSN as an alternative with superior purity and performance. Compared to other duplex DNases, PureRec DSN demonstrates the highest purity and selectivity for duplex DNA while preserving ssDNA and RNA. This is critical for applications like RNA-Seq library preparation, miRNA detection, SNP and biomarker detection. Additionally, the production process excludes any animal-derived raw materials, ensuring an animal-free product and minimizing the risk of introducing animal-derived contamination.

Developed and manufactured in Zymo Research's state-of-the-art facility in California, PureRec DSN embodies a commitment to excellence, empowered by specialized expertise and cutting-edge protein engineering, expression, and bioprocessing technologies. PureRec DSN is setting a new standard for duplex DNases, expanding the possibilities for applications that require precise selectivity in dsDNA digestion, such as reduction of abundant rRNA transcripts, precise SNP detection, enhanced signal amplification, and improved miRNA detection. PureRec DSN unlocks unprecedented possibilities for researchers and industries worldwide.

For more information or bulk inquiries on Zymo Research’s recombinant PureRec DSN, please visit PureRec Duplex-Specific Nuclease.


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