PureRec DSN

PureRec Duplex-Specific Nuclease (DSN) is an endonuclease that selectively digests double-stranded DNA (dsDNA) and DNA in DNA-RNA hybrids with virtually no activity towards single-stranded DNA (ssDNA) or RNA. It is overexpressed and extensively purified from a non-animal source and is free of other nucleases.

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Highly selective for duplex DNA

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Recombinant, RNase-free, protease-free

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Thermostable, withstands high temperatures without denaturation


  • Remove gDNA and DNA in DNA:RNA hybrids for protein or RNA preparations.
  • Reduce abundant rRNA and globin transcripts to enhance next-generation sequencing (NGS) libraries.
  • Achieve precise single-nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) detection with minimal off-target effects.
  • Enhance signal amplification for virus detection.
  • Improve detection of miRNA and biomarkers.

Highest Duplex DNA Specificity

PureRec DSN is the most specific for duplex DNA compared to Duplex-specific nuclease (Supplier E) and Duplex DNase (Supplier N). Specificity was measured based on the ratio of dsDNA (E. coli, genomic) versus ssDNA (phage, M13mp18) degradation in a DNA mixture.

Free of RNase Activity

PureRec DSN exhibits no RNA degradation whereas Duplex-specific nuclease (Supplier E) shows RNA degradation. RNase contamination was based on HeLa RNA degradation when incubated with 10 U of DSN for 10 minutes.

Superior Protein Purity

PureRec DSN is >95% pure while Duplex-specific nuclease (Supplier E) is only 25%. The assessment was conducted using 10 U of each DSN and visualized by SDS-PAGE.

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