Zymo Research Launches Long-Read Metagenome Assembly Analysis Service

IRVINE, Calif., (January 8, 2024) - Zymo Research, a leading provider of microbiology research tools, proudly announces the official launch of its Metagenome Assembly Analysis Service, utilizing PacBio HiFi sequencing. This groundbreaking service offers researchers an easier way to study intricate microbial communities.

While DNA sequencing and assembly have become commonplace, repetitive sequences can cause mis-assemblies and gaps, giving an incomplete picture of a bacterial genome. To date, traditional short-read sequencing techniques have not been able to address these complexities.

The emergence of long-read sequencing platforms from PacBio, provides a means for more accurate metagenomic assembly. “We are thrilled Zymo Research shares our passion in pushing the boundaries of metagenomics research,” said Trang Dahlen, Senior Director, Segment Marketing at PacBio. “By combining highly accurate HiFi reads with Zymo Research’s sophisticated bioinformatics solution, scientists will now have data for hundreds of high-quality genomes from a variety of sample types. Additionally, their commitment to delivering faster results and exceptional customer service are what makes Zymo Research a trusted PacBio service provider for metagenomics.”

The ability to directly assemble complete genomes from metagenomic datasets, once an unattainable task, is now a reality. Zymo Research now provides this as a comprehensive long read sequencing service, comprising high-molecular weight (HMW) DNA purification to bioinformatic metagenomic assembly.

“The application of long-read sequencing in metagenome assembly signifies a milestone within the field of microbiology. Zymo Research takes great pride in pioneering this service for the benefit of the entire microbiological community. This service allows researchers to focus on scientific discovery, liberating them from the complexities of wet-lab tasks and intricate bioinformatics algorithms." Dr. Shuiquan Tang, Director of Microbiomics at Zymo Research.

Zymo Research is a PacBio Certified Service Provider. You can see more information on Zymo Research’s Metagenome Assembly Analysis Service here.

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