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    Kanamycin Sulfate Solution

    A1003-25 / A1003-5

    Kanamycin Sulfate Solution

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    A1003-25 Kanamycin Sulfate Solution (5 x 5 ml) €102,60
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    A1003-5 Kanamycin Sulfate Solution (1 x 5 ml) €32,40
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    • Convenient:: Ready-to-use 35 mg/ml Kanamycin Sulfate Solution.
    • Ultra-Pure: Purity ≥ 98%. Ideal for amplifying plasmids, cosmids, and BAC/PACs in E. coli.
    • Sterile: Solution passed through a 0.2 µm filter to ensure sterility.

    Kanamycin inhibits bacterial protein synthesis by binding 70S ribosomes resulting in dysfunctional translation of mRNA. Kanamycin is effective against both Gram (-) and Gram (+) bacteria. Resistance to kanamycin is conferred by an aminoglycoside phosphotransferase that modifies the antibiotic, preventing its interaction with ribosomes. Kanamycin is commonly used to select for cosmid vectors.

    Concentration 35 mg/ml
    Product Storage -20°C
    Purity ≥ 98%
    Working Concentration 30 µg/ml

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