dsDNA Shearase Plus (Includes Matching DCC-5 Kit)

E2019-200 / E2019-50

dsDNA Shearase Plus (Includes Matching DCC-5 Kit)

Cat # Name Size Price Quantity
E2019-200 dsDNA Shearase Plus (Includes Matching DCC-5 Kit) 200 U €693,10
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E2019-50 dsDNA Shearase Plus (Includes Matching DCC-5 Kit) 50 U €191,40
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  • The simplest method for generating random-ended dsDNA fragments. Fragment size can be controlled by adjusting the enzyme concentration.
  • Included DNA Clean & Concentrator-5 (DCC-5) kit allows for easy clean-up of fragmented DNA.
  • Fragmented DNA is ideal for downstream applications such as library construction, Next-Gen sequencing, MeDIP, MeDIP-Seq, etc.

dsDNA Shearase Plus is an endonuclease that cleaves phosphodiester bonds in DNA to yield oligonucleotides with 5'-phosphates and 3'-hydroxyl termini. It has a particularly strong preference for dsDNA and generates random-ended DNA fragments of the desired size in a single step. This enzyme is compatible with low volume inputs thus minimizing sample loss.

Concentration 1 U/µl
Enzyme Inactivation Heat in activate enzyme at 65C for 5 min.
Storage Store at -20C for up to 12 months. Avoid repeated freeze/thawing of reagents. Prolonged storage is at ≤ -70C.
Unit Definition One unit (1 U) is defined at the amount of enzyme required to convert 250 ng human DNA into DNA fragments in the range of 100-500 bp in 20 minutes at 42C in total reaction volume in 10 µl.

Cat # Name Size Price
E2018-50 dsDNA Shearase Plus 50 U €118,10
D4013 DNA Clean & Concentrator-5 (Capped) 50 Preps €90,70