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    DNA/RNA Shield SafeCollect Swab Collection Kit Sample

    DNA/RNA Shield SafeCollect Swab Collection Kit Sample

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    • User-friendly, spill-free design allows for safe, convenient collection of swab samples. Ideal for at-home self collection applications.
    • Completely inactivates harmful pathogens at the point of collection, for worry-free transport and downstream analysis.
    • Stabilizes the DNA and RNA in a sample for transport/storage without the need for cold-chain.

    The DNA/RNA Shield SafeCollect Swab Collection Kit is a user-friendly collection kit for stabilizing the nucleic acid content of samples collected with a swab.  DNA/RNA Shield completely inactivates harmful pathogens in the sample, and stabilizes the RNA in a sample for up to 30 days at room temperatureThe SafeCollect design eliminates the risk of spilling the stabilization reagent during use, and is ideal for applications that require at-home self collection. 

    Applicable for diagnostics, COVID testing, NGS, qPCR
    Device Specs SafeCollect Tube: ⌀ 15mm x 92mm
    Cap: ⌀ 19mm x 15mm
    1ml and 2ml DNA/RNA Shield
    80mm breakpoint flocked swab
    Registration status CE-IVD
    Sample collection Samples collected with a swab including buccal, nasal, throat, skin, surface, feces, etc.
    Stability RNA: Ambient temperature
    (4°C- 25°C) at least 1 month
    DNA: Ambient temperature
    (4°C- 25°C) at least 2 years
    DNA & RNA: Frozen
    (< -20°C): Indefinitely

    1 year

    Swab Samples

    Refer to recommended purification kits

    The SafeCollect design seals the stabilizing reagent behind a pierceable safety seal. The tube prevents spillage or user contact during the use of the device, only releasing the reagent when the swab is placed into the tube.

    The SafeCollect devices are filled with DNA/RNA Shield, which is compatible with most commercially available DNA/RNA extraction/analysis workflows. DNA/RNA Shield is an Inactivating Transport Medium (ITM) and a recipient of a 510(k). For further information on product use, please refer to this link or contact Zymo Research's Technical Support Team.

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