Potential Applications:


Reliably determine the biological age of any human sample.


Quantify changes in biological age following drug treatments.


Identify disease associated aging alterations.

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Do you know how fast you're aging?

Several exciting investigations into the mechanisms of aging demonstrate a strong correlation between DNA methylation levels and chronological age [1-2]. Consequently, DNA methylation is now recognized as a reliable indicator of biological age. Furthermore, analyses of DNA methylation-based biological age identified accelerated aging in disease phenotypes including Huntington’s Disease, Down Syndrome, and HIV-1-infection [3-5]. The newest studies suggest a remarkable connection between epigenetic age and the root causes of aging.

As The Epigenetics Company, Zymo Research aims to provide the most innovative tools and services to facilitate scientific research. We are thrilled to now offer biological age determination services based on an expanded version of the Horvath aging clock [1]. Simply send us your samples, and we will provide you with an accurate epigenetic age estimate and detailed data report.

This profiler is designed to:
   •    Detect methylation changes at over 350 CpG sites associated with aging
   •    Optimized data analysis workflow reliably determine the biological age of any human sample

Inquire today for more information on the Epigenetic aging clock, and find out how Zymo Research can help enhance your research with our accurate, multi-tissue age predictor!

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