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All services include bioinformatics support to ensure you receive the analysis you need!

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Basic Service Packages include raw data alignment, variant calling (differential methylation or SNP detection), and gene/locus annotation.

Full Service Packages offer additional down-stream bioinformatics processing and statistical analysis specifically tailored to fit your needs. Comparisons can be performed between samples as well as groups of samples.

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Do you have Next-Gen sequencing data that you need analyzed?

Zymo Research offers complete bioinformatics solutions to fulfill your needs. Whether it is whole-genome bisulfite sequencing, ChIP-Seq, or RNA-Seq data, we can help make sense of your overwhelming data sets. We use established as well as customizable bioinformatics pipelines to transform raw sequence data into manageable and interpretable figures and data sets. Simply provide the raw (FASTQ) or aligned (SAM or BAM) data and we will provide you with your desired downstream analyses.

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Browser Tracks Results Table Hexbin Plot Clustering Heatmap Genomic Region Region Coverage Methylation Level Methylation Overview Read Coverage
Browser Tracks

Browser Tracks

Two kinds of UCSC Genome Browser tracks are provided for visualization of methylation data: the Methylation track and the Read track. The Methylation track indicates methylation ratios (percent methylated) at each site, and the Read track alignment to the reference genome. Simply copy and paste provided tracks into the UCSC Genome Browser to access gene annotations, SNPs, repetitive DNA elements, and comparison to results of the ENCODE project for each region.

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