RNA Overview

Isolation and handling of ribonucleic acid (RNA) has historically been thought to be more difficult than DNA due to the presence of ubiquitous and stable RNases.  However, this issue can be remedied if the correct tools are used.  Purification of high-quality, intact RNA from biological samples or in vitro reactions is important to the success of all downstream applications.  To achieve reproducible, trustworthy results from quantitative RT-PCR, Northern blots, microarrays, and cDNA library prep for Next-Generation sequencing, it is important to use the best RNA purification methods available.

With the rigors of RNA research in mind, the scientists at Zymo Research have developed special products that effectively stabilize and preserve RNA in samples prior to purification, as well as a comprehensive portfolio of kits for the purification of high-quality, inhibitor-free RNA from essentially any sample source.  All purification methods feature innovative Zymo-Spin columns to ensure low-volume elution of ultra-pure RNA that is free of salts and inhibitors.  For most sample sources, Zymo Research offers both organic- (TRI Reagent/TRIzol) and non-organic-based methods, allowing the researcher to select the purification method they prefer.  While most kits are designed for the isolation of total RNA, they are also efficient at recovering small RNAs (≥17 nucleotides). Several kits also feature unique protocols for the selective enrichment of either small RNA (<200 nucleotides), large RNA (>200 nucleotides), or both small and large RNAs separately in different fractions, at the discretion of the user.

RNA Technologies

RNA Isolation

Zymo Research offers a full portfolio of RNA purification kits for efficient RNA isolation from a wide range of sample types.  (Learn More)

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DNA/RNA Co-Purification

In addition to innovative products for DNA-free RNA purification, Zymo Research also offers several kits optimized for the isolation of RNA and DNA from the same sample.  (Learn More)

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RNA Ladders

Zymo Research offers a microRNA-size marker (RNA ladder) for use in polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis.  (Learn More)

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Zymo Research supplies a variety of high-quality enzymes to aid in the purification of RNA.  (Learn More)

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Sample Collection & Stabilization

Preserving RNA integrity prior to RNA isolation remains one of the biggest challenges to the success of many RNA applications, and DNA/RNA Shield™ from Zymo Research provides the solution by stabilizing RNA (and DNA) during sample collection, storage, and purification – all while completely inactivating RNases and potentially infectious agents in samples.  (Learn More)

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