E. coli Overview

Despite the remarkable diversity of research interests in labs throughout the world, most researchers use E. coli transformation as a means for cloning and protein purification. With the needs of the researcher in mind, Zymo Research has developed a range of premade, chemically competent E. coli strains for high efficiency transformation (> 108 transformants/μg pUC19 DNA). These innovative Mix & Go Competent Cells feature a streamlined transformation procedure that eliminates heat shock, long incubations, and the need for electroporation. With the chemically competent Mix & Go E. coli from Zymo Research, a scientist can transform cells in less than 20 seconds… Simply mix and plate!

Zymo Research also provides the reagents so researchers can make their own Mix & Go Competent E. coli from their favorite lab strains. Included is a specially formulated growth medium, ZymoBroth, which enhances the transformation efficiencies of many K- and B-strains of E. coli. Increase transformation efficiency and decrease transformation time with the Mix & Go system!

E. coli Technologies

Chemically Competent Cells

Use Mix & Go Competent Cells for simple, high efficiency transformations without heat shock, lengthy incubations, or outgrowth steps. The XJ-Autolysis line features unique cell lysis technology for convenient expression of recombinant proteins.  (Learn More)

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Transformation Kits & Accessories

Reagents that allow the researcher to prepare their own Mix & Go Competent Cells using their favorite E. coli strains.  (Learn More)

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