Quick-DNA™ & Quick-DNA™ Plus Kits

Reliably isolate high-quality DNA from any sample source including biological fluids, cultured/monolayer cells, and solid tissues.

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Quick-cfDNA™ Serum & Plasma Kit

Robustly purify high-quality DNA, including cell-free, from up to 10 ml of serum/plasma or up to 1 ml amniotic fluid or cerebrospinal fluid.

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Quick-DNA™ Urine Kit

Easily purify cellular and/or cell free DNA from up to 40 ml of urine. Purifed DNA is ready for all sensitive downstream applications

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Quick-DNA™ FFPE Kit

Optimized for maximum recovery of non-crosslinked DNA, the isolation kit recovers high-quality FFPE tissue DNA that is ideal for all downstream applications.

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Quick-DNA™ Environmental Kits

Our environmental purification kits feature unique BashingBead™ technology, which allows isolation of DNA from any environmental samples. These kits lead to high-yield and high-quality DNA ideal for sensitive downstream applications.

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